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I'm Luke and I'm a CELTA qualified English language teacher from England based here in Minsk. I offer English lessons in-person, online, and speaking clubs for companies.

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Not getting enough English speaking practice in your life? Come and join my FREE online English speaking club on Zoom.

Who are you? 

A British native speaker with over 9 years teaching experience who specialises in working with Russian speaking students.

I'm Luke and I'm a British English native speaker from England and CELTA qualified language teacher based here in Minsk. For over the last 9 years I have been working with Russian speaking students and already know the mistakes they are going to make... before they make them. I offer individual English lessons, groups lessons, in-company lessons, and of course, Zoom English lessons and Skype English classes. You can read more about each of them over on the right.  I also offer other language services which you might be interested in and you can find those below. I'm only an email, message, or phone call away from your first English lesson.


Individual Lessons

This is for anyone who wants to study on their own. Just you and me. These type of lessons are great if you feel like you're not getting enough speaking practise at school, university, work or with your current teacher. They are also good if you don't have enough confidence yet to speak freely in groups and would like to build that confidence before moving into group lessons. Ah, yeah, they are also great for anyone who just doesn't like people too... ;) 

Each lesson will be a different topic to use and boost your English in all areas. 

Each lesson is 60 minutes long and costs 50BYN

Leave the boring gap-fill exercises at home, you won't need them. Bring your voice, bring your English....

Group Lessons

If you and your boyfriend, wife, friend, or a group of friends want to study together, then that's no problem, and it will make things a little cheaper for you too. Ideally groups should be kept to a maximum of 4 to allow everyone to express their thoughts and opinions.

Each lesson will be a different topic to use and boost your English in all areas.

Each lesson is 60 minutes long and costs 80BYN

Leave the boring gap-fill exercises at home, you won't need them. Bring your friends, lovers, imagination ,voice, and of course bring your English....

In-company Lessons

Nowadays it is so important than your staff speak English. What's even more important is that your employees feel comfortable and confident when using and speaking English. Why not combine your traditional in-company English lessons with a weekly speaking club with an English native speaker. Let them suffer with course-book exercises a couple of times a week, but set them free with a speaking club.  

You can find out why speaking clubs are more than just speaking here

Each lesson will be a different topic to use and boost your English in all areas.

Each speaking club is 60 minutes long and costs 100BYN

Online Lessons

Since COVID-19 the world of education has had to move online using Zoom and Skype for English lessons. You might have tried it, and liked it. I have been teaching online for the last 6 years using Zoom and Skype, so if you want to study online, that's absolutely fine with me. I've heard it's easier when you don't need to leave your bed for your morning lesson....

Each lesson will be a different topic to use and boost your English in all areas.

Each online lesson is 60 minutes long and costs 50BYN

Lesson Objectives

I'll make it simple. My lessons and job is to make you a better speaker of English. By that I mean to make your English sound as natural as possible while correcting and eradicating any common mistakes you might make. After lessons with me you should feel more confident using and speaking English. It is my job to make this happen, and if you don't, then I'm not doing my job properly. I will never ask you to do any boring gap-fill exercises, but I will make sure you understand why this might be a mistake or why this tense is better than that tense.

As we will only have a limited time together, I think it's only right that everything we do is based on communicating and giving you as many opportunities to use your spoken English skills.  

Of course, when it comes to exam preparation a different approach will be taken, but again the same approach of doing things through communication will be the backbone of all lessons.  

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Need an English voice to record something? I can help. Take a listen to my introduction on this podcast.

Article writing

Need something written for your website or something similar by a native speaker to give it that naturalness? I can help. 

Job Interview

Got a big job interview coming up in English? I can help you prepare with my one-off English interview session.


If you, like me, are a big football fan, then our lesson topics can be about football. I'm ready to kick off lessons about football! 

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Monday - Friday: 8AM–8PM
Weekends: No lessons

Prospekte Pobeditelei 3, Minsk 220004, Belarus

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